We are grateful for all of the successes we recorded in the Month of May and the strength we received to do all of the things we achieved. We are grateful to God and every Laha-family for bringing us thus far. The month of May saw two of our Beneficiaries excel excellently at the just concluded Jamb examination with 250 and 233 respectively thus, making them ready for the university soon enough.

We had our very first Instagram live session with Blessing Abeng, the co-founder of Ingressive for Good and she gave the foundation 5 hero books for the Laha-Kids to read and enjoy. The organization’s founder was also featured on Menstrual Health Dialogue by Fem Connect to discuss issues surrounding menstrual hygiene and health in Africa. The meeting was a success and we hope that it makes a huge impact in the world at large.

Our organization celebrated Children’s Day and it was all shades of amazing. We had our beneficiaries come together and we merried, prayed and bonded together, gift packs were also given to the children. Once again, we were able to bring joy to the lives of our young ones. World Menstrual Hygiene Day was also a success, we will continue to raise our voice over the issues surrounding period poverty till transformation begins.

No doubt, all of this is not by our strength and overall, the month of May has been remarkable and we look forward to achieving more success as we step into the month of June. We work towards the greater things that we call forth into reality as an organization in order to be able to actualize our mission and make our vision more clearer, starting with a child at a time.

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