Dear LAHA-Family,


February has been quite an eventful month for us at Lend a Hand and we would like to extend our gratitude to you for your continuous support and effort toward ensuring we keep to our goals.


As it is our culture, we would like to inform you of the summary of the activities we engaged in for the month. Here is our impact walk for the month of February


  1. Integration of Acrobatics and Exercises into the monthly Book Club to cater for the physical and emotional well-being of our kids.


  1. Our first-ever teacher’s training online to see the quality of teaching the kids get is improved thereby extending our reach of impacts and expanding our approach to SDGs 4.


  1. Monthly Food Drive which is part of our effort to ensure these kids stay in school and focus properly.


  1. Commemoration of the World NGO Day to celebrate the amazing collaborative effort of every NGO.


March is here and there’s no stopping us. With your support, contributions, and collaborative effort we are sure that we can achieve a more sustainable future. Let’s do more together one child at a time.

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