The month of August has been a roller coaster of emotions for us at Lahafrica. The thrill of joy is one we can’t keep to ourselves as our beneficiaries crossed to the next phase of their lives.


Moreso, we are excited to share that our beneficiaries recorded outstanding results in their respective school, we are not only proud but we are thankful to God and LAHAfamily for being a part of their journey. The end of school session brought a change to the lives of some LAHAkids as they transition into greater levels like Idowu amongst a few others who finished high school and presently looking into admission in the university.


The month of August was a month of celebration, we witnessed the graduation ceremonies of our children who will be transitioning in different academic levels. Needless to say that LAHA partied along with the graduands to ensure that the day was a memorable one for each of them.


In preparation for school resumption, “back to school” supplies were given to our beneficiaries in Majidun, Agege and Surulere communities. We love our children, every detail of their lives means a whole lot to us and it’s our responsibility to make sure that they are comfortable in school.


Our sincere gratitude goes to all of LAHAfamily who have over the years stood by us through thick and thin ensuring that they join us in fulfilling our vision. You are our heroes and we couldn’t have done it without your effort, help, contributions and support. Thank you.


We look forward to more impactful events unfolding in the remaining months of the year. Cheers to making giant strides in the lives of people that truly matters.

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