Lend A Hand For Africa has been committed to improving the lives of underserved communities for over seven years. We are proud of the work done and impact achieved; cheers to more to come.

It’s the end of the first quarter of the year and schools are rounding off the activities for this term with the session’s exams and we pray for success for every of our beneficiaries writing their exams – Amen. It’s our prayer to see them succeed in every thing including each little milestones, hence our reason for being so invested in every aspect of their lives.

The Scholarship Scheme Is one of the key areas of Lend A Hand For Africa and every growth achieved or new level attained brings us nothing but joy. Two of our children on the Scholarship Scheme are preparing to gain admission into the Tertiary Institution. One of these children has been with us for over seven years; we brought him to the organization when all hope about schooling has been dashed away and we are so proud our impact produced indeed a testimony. The next stage takes it a bit higher with more responsibilities but we are ever willing to continue the journey with them.

It’s all great news for the Scholarship Scheme; we also announce that we have a new beneficiary that would be joining the Scheme fully when schools resume for the next term. This means a child’s life is about to be changed, transformed and impacted for the better. It means another child is off the streets and that child can be committed to a purposeful life. These are things that gives LAHA life and value and it further proves that we are intentional about transforming lives, one child at a time.

The second quarter awaits us and we are moving ahead in good faith. We have more work, more responsibilities and we are also intentional about the organization’s sustainability. This would require more partnership, more donors, more volunteers, possibly a bigger team. So, this is a call to join us and partner with us in any way you can. Join is in the mission of changing the narrative, one child at a time.

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