Our Fooddrive Report

Our Fooddrive Report

With thanksgiving in our hearts and an overflow of gratitude, we appreciate God for making food drive a success despite all odds. He is our source of strength and Lahafrica would be nothing without Him.

Our words of gratitude also goes to Lagos state food bank for being our major sponsor in reaching different communities with food items on the 6th March, 2021. To our donors and sponsors across all spheres; Lahafrica says a big THANK YOU. Together, as one, we were able to lend a hand and give hope to poor families.

The event took place on the 6th March, 2021 at Majidun, Ikorodu, Lagos state. The event which was earlier slated to commence by 11am was delayed by 30mins due to the absence of some families. The team decided to hold on till all families were represented at the venue. While waiting we had some interactions with the children, conversed about their well-being, made some jokes and shared some words of encouragement – it was blissful. The event kicked-off properly at 11:30am.

Our hands raised up to heaven with songs of thanksgiving, we sang, praised God and prayed to Him. The presence and the essence of God in our lives is always emphasized in Lahafrica. Thereafter, we had a meeting with the parents emphasizing on; involvement in the lives of their children; encouraging their wards to study and focus well in school; ensuring that the right values are instilled and they are corrected in love when wrong. The discussion ended with parents promising to do better and interacting with us on where Lahafrica can also be of help in ensuring their children are well-educated and well-developed.

Moving ahead to the food drive; we had over 20 families present and enough food items packaged and ready to be distributed accordingly. We understand the importance of health care and the measures that must be taken to reduce the spread of Covid-19. Therefore, we provided face masks and sanitizers for everyone at the beginning of the meeting and we ensured social distancing while distributing the food items. We were also able to reach out to two(2) families in Lawanson, Surelere, lagos. 

The activity came to an end with smiling faces and grateful hearts; hearts filled with hope and strength to forge ahead. Our little girls also made a video saying “Happy International Women’s Day”. Oh yes, we teach our children the importance of gender equality. Food drive was a great success.

We are not drawned back by the amount of success recorded, but we forget all what lies behind and we focus on what next. This is not the limit for us at Lahafrica, we hope to reach more families and extend our hands of hope to other communities across Africa. 


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