Dear Lend a Hand Community,


We would like to express our utmost gratitude for your unwavering support towards our cause. Through your donations and efforts, we have been able to achieve great strides in our mission to uplift the Kids In the underserved areas.


We are thrilled to announce that schools have resumed and with your help, we have successfully provided the necessary materials for students to continue their education. From textbooks to writing materials, your support has made it possible for children to resume their studies seamlessly. We could not have achieved this without your generous contributions.


Furthermore, we are pleased to inform you that our team has also been working relentlessly to make sure that the operations of the organization run smoothly. We look forward to having a town hall meeting with the parents of our Beneficiaries to discuss and have a better understanding and relationship. Thank you once again for supporting Lend a Hand for the Development of Africa.

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