According to Whitney Hopler, “Service empowers people to put their talents into action for good purposes, bringing them fulfillment as they meet others’ needs,” and the truth is, we can’t deny the reality of this saying as an organization. We are exceptionally grateful this month for the gift of men that we enjoyed; this is one part of service to humanity that we can’t take for granted. Hence, we are joyful to be surrounded by people who truly desire our growth and expansion.

The month of November was quite exciting for us at Lend a Hand as our Executive Director received two different nominations for the exceptional work done at Lend a Hand. The first was the humanitarian category of the Eloy Awards, and the other was the Peak Milk Unstoppable Human of Change prize.

Although we did not win the Eloy Awards, we loved the exposure and experience that came with the recognition and we are excited  for what the Peak Milk Unstoppable Human of Change Prize holds for us. In all of these, we are glad the LAHA Kids are doing great in their various schools as preparation for exams are ongoing. Also, the new beneficiaries who just joined the scheme have adjusted and settled down in their schools.

We would love to express our profound gratitude to everyone who took the time and energy to vote for us; it is our desire that you all will not lack support. We made it this far because you supported us and the work we are doing.

Like it is often said, the reward for hard work is more work. We believe that all of the events that took place in the month of November are a challenge to step up and do better. We are stepping into December with great confidence and assurance of bigger things to come

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