Blessed are they that give thanks continually, to God and to everyone who has helped thus far. At LAHA, we say a big thank you to our donors, sponsors, volunteers and all friends of Lahafrica for your unending support towards the mission throughout the first half of the year, we are indeed grateful. The biggest appreciation goes to the One who has made sure LAHA continues to soar, thank you Abba.

So far, our Scholarship Scheme Project has continued to thrive. Two children came on board in the first half of the year, a university student and little girl who has never been to school before. Also, the organization brought in a teenage girl under the Skill Acquisition Project to learn a skill and each one has been doing great. One of our goals is to ensure both formal and informal education are maximized to the fullest.

We are still doing the work of storytelling, making sure the voices of young girls and women stricken by period poverty are heard globally. We had a partnership with FemConnect  and a discussion surrounding Menstrual Hygiene and related issues. Moreso, “I Bleed Different” Documentary was selected in Film Free and our team is ensuring that the Documentary continues to make giant strides globally.

Food Drive is an essential part of our work at LAHA. In the slum, every meal makes a whole lot of difference. In the first half of year, we partnered with Lagos Food Bank and the food supplies were evenly distributed amongst our beneficiaries. We hope to have more partnerships in the second half to drive more food items to the underserved communities.

More and more is happening behind the scenes and in all we are ever committed to fulfilling our purpose. Two of our beneficiaries will be transitioning to a new phase(university) soon. This means more is required of us and we are working effortlessly as an organization to do and be better. Cheers to the new beginnings!!

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