How we have made progress


FOOD DRIVE We are delighted that in 2023, we were able to reach out to more than 20 beneficiaries every month in Agege, Ikorodu in Lagos, and Niger State. We are also glad that we were able to extend the Food Drive to other people who are not primarily on our List through the help of the food donations we received.

READING CLUB Through the reading club, we have been able to receive book donations and also extend the number of children that have been added to the scholarship scheme.

SUMMER CAMP Our Summer camp which happens in August was themed “A Gen-Z Affair” has helped the kids discover more exciting career paths they can choose and also exposed them to other SDGs and their path in making it a reality.

TOWN HALL MEETINGS AND SCHOOL VISITATIONS We are excited that our town hall meeting with the parents and curtains of our beneficiaries has helped us to view things and issues in a perceptive suitable for all. Our school visitation also recorded a huge success as we were able to keep up with our kids.

COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT AND RECOGNITION We were able to start the journey of our engagement with the community stakeholders to share ideas and spark the fire of change. We are also glad to be recognized as the “Peak Human of Change” as this has given us more energy to do more.

UNIVERSITY ADMISSIONS ACCEPTED We are proud that our Beneficiaries are making swift and steady progress with their education as we now have our kids transitioning into the higher institutions.




As an organization, as we enter into the year 2014, we are excited to share with you some of our forward-looking plans. We are hopeful that more plans will accommodate beyond our expectations and desires not just for our beneficiaries but also for the potential Beneficiaries and the host communities. We hope to

  1. Increase our partnership family and base as a way of inclusive effort towards achieving our core mission and vision.
  2. improve our book reading club activities and our monthly food drive to accommodate the children of our host communities
  3. Get more partnerships for the monthly food drive to increase the number of families we reach out to monthly.

You can reach us via: 0812-4783-719 Or Send us a DM.

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