Our Programs

Our initiatives are tailor-made to reach our beneficiaries in such a way that benefits them holistically and help them thrive as they journey through life.


These programs help shape a better narrative for our beneficiaries in various communities. Our goal and resolve is to see that these children can contribute to the economic development of their families and communities at large.

We hope that we can reduce multi-generational poverty and illiteracy one child, one community at a time.


Over 200 million children and adolescents are out of school, the challenge isn’t just about building schools but it’s about ensuring that quality learning takes place across all levels.

The project skill up, scholarship scheme, digital literacy class and learning kit drive are platforms for children in slums to have access to quality education through skill acquisition, digital class and formal education.
Good quality education shouldn’t be discriminatory, we can’t afford a generation of children and young people who lack skills and education to create a wholesome future for the world.

We work with stakeholders to get children off the streets into school, get some to learn a skill, participate in our digital learning classes so they can access the world of work better and live their dreams.


Girls have to battle with certain issues:
– Cost of sanitary pads.
– Limited knowledge about menstrual issues.
– Stigmatization.
– Better ways to dispose of sanitary pads and a lot more.

Through our pad for a girl drive, we are making sure that discussions around menstrual hygiene management in schools isn’t avoided as well as providing access to quality sanitary products free for girls in communities and schools.

It’s important we do these so girls don’t miss out on school during that time of the month.


Malnutrition in children contributes to poor brain development and weak learning, as well as increased infections in some cases. Through our food drive we provide children food for school and also educating them what constitutes a healthy diet

Become a Volunteer
Volunteers form the heart of our organization; we consider ourselves as a dynamic youth people contributing our own quota to make our world a better place.