Dear LahaFamily,

We are delighted to bring you updates and stories from our ongoing work and activities in the past six months. Education and food drive growth. have been at the heart of our mission and vision, as we strive to ensure access to education for all children while promoting food security and sustainable practices.

Education and food are interconnected in profound ways. A quality education can break the cycle of poverty and hunger, and access to healthy food is vital for children to thrive academically and in life.

Our dedicated team has been working tirelessly to support children and our different communities in providing quality education and sustainable food systems. We firmly believe that by working together, we can create a brighter future for children and transform their lives.


Six Months in Review: Our Wins and Milestones

  1. Book Reading: Our book reading club has expanded from serving only our kids to including children from the host communities Through this initiative, we have absorbed and transitioned a child into our scholarship scheme. We have also invited guest speakers from various walks of life who inspire the children with their stories and the books they read.
  2. Monthly Food Drive. We have consistently provided monthly food supplies to our beneficiaries in Lagos and Niger states. These timely interventions ensure the well-being of the children, encompassing all aspects of their
  3. Academic Achievements: Several of our students have successfully completed their WAEC examinations, while others have smoothly transitioned to higher institutions, adjusting to new environments and experiences.
  4. Entrepreneurship Support: For those who choose alternative forms of education, we have facilitated the provision of work tools to enhance their knowledge and skills.
  5. Recognition and Awards: Our Executive Director was selected as One Ambassador and received nominations for other prestigious awards, recognizing the outstanding work of our organization.

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